Flo Reichle  (Drums)

      Marc Stucki  (Sax)

      Benedikt Wieland (E-Bass)


    • 25.10.2016 | Thanks!

      WOW! We are still all thrilled by this wonderful Tour we had in Russia and Germany.

      thanks again for coming out at of our concerts and for all this lovely people we have met!

      Kaos is taking a break for a while. but we all hope to see you soon again.


      kaotic greets 

    • 26.09.2016 | Autumn Tour 2016

      hey Fellas

      Looking very forwward to be back on stage very soon in Russia and germany. Check our concert dates. Would be fantastic to see you somewhere at our upcoming concerts.


    • 15.11.2015 | Music Video to the Song "In The Secret City"

      We did our first Music Video with the swiss filmmaker Yannick Mosimann.

      YouTube - Kaos Protokoll - In The Secret City (Official Video)